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Different Google Ads in eAds

eAds, as a biggest representative of Google ads in Iran, presents Persian panel of Google advertisement differently for the first time. In this way, Ads with cooperation of Google, presents new free services which are not comparable with other companies in this field. Here, after free membership in user panel, you can use Google ads section and by Rial payment arbitrarily, do your Google ads without any intermediacies and receive your ads immediately.


SEO and Rank Increase

Nowadays, all webmasters know that the most users input of each website are supplied by content search in search engine. Because of this, your website rank plays an important role in your business in world of interest and electronic commercials. In addition, because of immediate changes in optimization methods and the influence of these methods of search engine rankings, using experts and update specialists is inevitable. According to the latest methods of website optimization and search engine scoring algorithms, eAds, after some researches on your websites, applies the best solution to join your site to first pages of big search engines like Google.


eAds Services

The most important point in content marketing is that the importance of each content depending on its usefulness. In its content marketing service, eAds attempts to produce high quality contents depend on your business.
According to the newest methods of websites optimization and search engine algorithms, eAds proceeds toward your website design and content based on analysis and will put your links at the top of first page of big search engines after 5-8 months.
Banner is one of the most effective and costless ways for advertising your products and services. Creativity in banner design can easily be seen by users, so several points should be noted when designing banners. eAds experts will design most effective banners to introduce your business.
If you have showbiz social networks, you can easily earn with eAds online sale. With eAds online sale system, you can take some advertisements for your social network or sell that one.
If you are website and mobile software developer or mobile software owner, you can create banner advertisement situation and rent it with eAds defined standards.
If you are usual user and spend a lot of time on websites, eAds has a special suggestion. By the use of click monetization system, you can raise your credit by clicking on websites listed in user panel and after 24 hours request for paying off.
After login to user panel, you can use rank increase 24 hours services. These services include view increase with real IP, back link receive, Google input increase and etc. One of the positive points of view increase in eAds is lack of using I-frames.

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