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Novel and effective methods of eAds video marketing

Video Advertising

video marketing

Nowadays, using video widely increased through most internet users. That's why video advertisements are one of the most engaging channels. You can use one of our famous video web site for your advertisement i,e. wwww.vidvid.ir.

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Some of the effective and purposive methods and properties of video marketing

Ads in Youtube

Ads in Youtube

As the largest and most popular in the world video media, YouTube can be a good place for Video Marketing and Business Presentations for Iranian and international users. According to statistics, more than 35 percent of people visit YouTube video uploaded by an average of 500 hours per minute. eAds, as the first sponsor on YouTube in Iran is ready to provide services to companies and brands. YouTube advertising based on interests, keywords, subject, operating system and device type, age, gender, time and space is adjustable. In this way, you can also get a detailed statistics of your ads.

Ads in ViDViD

Ads in ViDViD

ViDViD, as the first Web video-sharing and social networking satire humor with help from characters who specializes in the field of humor is very convenient location to display your ads. At the moment the users are in displaying video and enjoy its humor, you can have effective advertising and as supporters of happiness in the minds of the Iranians. Advertising on the website and mobile app vidvid include 3 to 10-second teaser of the film, logos 3-second ad, Insert video and display the logo at the top of your humor promotional products.

تVideo ads

Video ads

In this way, eAds suggests official teaser based on the product or services of your business. In humor, specific scenario of advertising clips will be prepared in such a way that your promotional clip with humor and engaging content for users of social networks will be built. eAds, proposes the use of video marketing on social networks and so very appropriate promotional packages for sharing on social networks has prepared.

تMotion graphics and animation ads

Motion graphics and animation ads

In this way, the advertising objectives will be analyzed and thorough review of your business, eAds prepare storyboards (blueprint) and speakers Dialogues will be formed. Plan prepared for the employer in the form of photographs and the implementation plan will be carried out. eAds, branding and increase sales for your products and services, proposes the use of animation developed in social network advertising.